Asking For Licence Key Or Demo import Problem?

By NeedGPL

Last Update 7 bulan yang lalu

Hi, It seems that you're trying to use one of the item's features that require a license key. License keys are mostly used to enable premium support & allow the import of demo content. As developers are increasing their security checks, it's a challenge to find ways to bypass them. The majority of the items are working without a serial key. You can hide the notifications from your WP admin by installing this plugin. Please note that some items don't work entirely as they are a so-called 'SAAS-plugin' (Wikipedia link) - which is unable to act without a serial key. If this item requires pre-activation, and the item's features are not working, we're trying to pre-activate the item and update the item accordingly. You'll see the updated item on the item's page. The import of demo content and access to demo templates are not available. I also do not provide license keys, If you need a license key, kindly consider buying the original item. Thanks for your understanding. Kind regards, NeedGPL

Team NeedGPL

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